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Whilst the IT landscape is rapidly changing, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on ICT. They need a trusted advisor to stand by them and provide them with in-depth insight into processes and ambitions. This is why Portland's loyalty lies 100% with the reseller channel and never with the end-user. Let us make that clear.

Partner to developers and resellers.

We're constantly on the look-out for scaleable software solutions from ambitious developers around the globe. They're often better, and always cheaper than the traditional solutions available. While the developers are busy doing what they know best - developing - we market their wares to resellers in the Benelux: the gateway to Europe.

Portland why positioning
Portland why positioning

Added value

Portland's goal is to be the best distributor in the game. We focus our efforts in two main areas: innovative software solutions on the one hand, SMEs on the other. Manoeuvrable as they are, they go well together. Everything we do is centred around boosting business for both.

Transparency trumps

As an intermediary for developers and resellers, we are constantly working on building sustainable relationships within the chain. The foundation for these relationships is transparency. We are 100% transparent to all stakeholders and have no hidden costs or agenda.

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We believe in the quality of the products we supply. Our cloud services can be cancelled with immediate effect and can be changed on a month-by-month basis. We believe in freedom. Loose ties, bond the most.

George van Brugge, Founder

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Portland builds bridges between developers and resellers. We help both sides, in our own special way. Who are you?