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That's what Portland is all about. For the past 20 years we've been helping IT Professionals to procure software and cloud services. Anywhere in the world. Together we bring the best IT solutions to organizations, while creating opportunities for all stakeholders.

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How we help?

Portland offers two services to IT Professionals: Value Added Distribution (Sales) and Software and Cloud Brokerage (Trading). In Sales we focus on advice. In Trading on procurement. What do you need?

What differentiates our services

The number of IT tools and vendors is mushrooming. That makes it more difficult to make the right choices. At Portland we invest significantly in relevant IT Research to help our clients make better IT -and business- decisions, while staying away from the 'product push' that is so typical for our competitors.

First Class Research

We work with Gartner to bring strategic IT market insights to our clients. Relevant research for IT Professionals that helps making better decisions.


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Technology Trends

The markets are faced with over 1750 technologies that are emerging. How to see the forest for the trees?  Portland offers a helping hand with specialized 'Hype Cycles'.


MSP Hype Cycle

Market Analysis

What technologies are rapidly adopted by the market place? Which (smaller and bigger) vendors of tools are present? Where are they on the 'Magic Quadrant'?


Benchmark Survey

Thematic Research

With a thematic approach we analyze different challenges that emerge within the IT domain and offer guidance. Example: GDPR.


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Bruno Wall Of Fame

IT Professionals: we will be there for you. With boundless energy to make you connect and successful.

George van Brugge, owner and CEO

European Ambitions?

Vendors Say Cheese

We commit to IT Professionals to deliver them the best solutions for their specific needs. That also means that we help vendors to get their name out in the Benelux, and the rest of Europe, as a value added distributor. 

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Some names we've bigged-up

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Portland likes to take the road less travelled in search of innovative trends and software solutions. We come across a whole bunch of things en route that we'd like to share with you.

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